Taco Universe
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The Taco Universe (ˈtækəʊ ˈjuːnɪvɜːs) was a universe comprised entirely of a single hard-shell beef taco of regular size. Toppings on the taco in question include shredded cheese, ledduce, diced tomatoes and sour cream. The Taco Universe no longer holds said taco, however.

The Taco Universe has a spacetime layout similar to that of our primary universe. However, universal expansion does not occur within it. Prior to its exploration and utilization, the Taco Universe maintained a constant temperature of 24°C.

Despite the unlikelihood of such a universe existing, the the creation of the Taco Universe was not influenced by mankind by any means. The taco that was within the Taco Universe only exists by chance, and was created naturally within its universe1.


The Taco Universe was one of the first thousand universes to be encountered using the BERNSTÆIN Transmitter. Our first probe was sent into the Taco Universe on March 6th, 2092, leading to the discovery of the aforementioned taco only 3.2 Million lightyears away on March 14th.

Further analysis of the Taco Universe in the following months confirmed that the aforementioned taco was the only matter present in the universe. On January 19th, 2093, the European Union decided to retrieve the taco from its universe and utilize the Taco Universe for waste disposal. The taco is preserved on display in Ensenada, Baja California, Mexico.

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