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The Ground Zero Universe (ɡraʊnd ˈzɪroʊ ˈjunɪvərs), the second universe discovered, comprises of many Earth-like planets and other space objects. The GZ Universe has shown heightened signs of signs of radiation and very weak atmospheres. All objects other than stars and collapsed stars in the GZ Universe have life despite radiation and other factors. 3 planets have intelligent life including, Earth, Ross 128 b, and Proxima Centauri b.

Everything else in this universe is similar to ours. Galaxies and stars are in the same places. Gamma ray bursts and hypernovas are normal occurrences in this universe. The creation of black holes, pulsars, and neutron stars is also normal in this universe.

Nuclear bombs and radioactive waste float around space leading us to assume there was a nuclear war. Most bombs, ships, and barrels floating through space have "GZ Corp." printed on them.


The GZ Universe was discovered by using the BERNSTÆIN Transmitter after unidentified ships kept hijacking probes sent to other universes. Twelve probes were sent to the GZ Universe in different places. Two were damaged after being hit with space junk and radiation interfering with it. The probe that was sent to Earth landed in Singapore in a utopian city with non-human entities on it. The universe was named "Ground Zero Universe" because of the heightened radiation and amount of radiation and abundance of GZ Corp. junk.


The probe never came back from the mission and the other eleven came back with "GZ Corp." written on them. - Dr. Dzerwhel (12/2/88)

Relations are being improved with GZ Corp and we are attempting communication. - Dr. Dzerwhel (3/29/88)

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