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The Sole Solar System is the only known star system left in the Lone Star Universe. The area around the Sole Solar System's sphere of influence (which is around 15 AU) experiences the passage of time much more slowly compared to space around it. As a result, all matter outside this area has decayed beyond the point of observation.

A photo of SolE taken from the FCSS

Age: 5 trillion years (5 septillion years from perspective of deep space)
Date of Discovery: 5/1/88


SolE is a very small red dwarf star that contains ~70%1 of the Sole Solar System's mass. SolE is estimated to remain active for for approximately 5 trillion more years before becoming a white dwarf.

Objects in Orbit

The only known object currently in a low SolE orbit (< 2 AU) is the Final Chance Space Station (FCSS). The station's size is substantially larger than anything constructed in our universe, to the point where most of the station remains unexplored.

The server room is the only area to be fully mapped so far, containing approximately 500 exabytes of historical records, scientific knowledge, various blueprints for unknown inventions, and a database of all objects in higher orbit of SolE.2

MANDELA Project Operations

Since discovery of all the objects in high orbit, MANDELA has been attempting to retrieve satellites for the purpose of recycling into raw material and reverse engineering undiscovered technologies. On the 9th of February, the MANDELA orbital tug4 was sent into the lone star universe. The tug's first return is scheduled to be on the 15th of July, recovering one fission reactor.5

On January 17th, MANDELA achieved a connection to the FCSS network, and has since been downloading server contents for further study. 25 employees have been tasked with the study of this data. No substantial information has surfaced so far. Additional exploration of the FCSS is ongoing, although MANDELA has prioritized analysis of server records over this for the time being.

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